Furious Burmese worker sucker-punches colleague in the back of police truck

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q11395wb3dqgx9b/VRP30346.mp4?dl=0

A furious worker sucker-punched a Burmese colleague who was being held in the back of a police truck in southern Thailand.

Footage shows the man running towards the vehicle before striking migrant worker Zo Nai, 37, in the neck in Phang Nga province on May 7.

Zo was taken by the police to a construction site where he used to work for a crime re-enactment as he was arrested for stabbing a local labourer Phaibool Saenmee, 34.

The severely injured worker’s brother also arrived at the re-enactment and attacked the Burmese man handcuffed at the back of the officers’ pickup truck.

Police General Sompong Boonrak said the Thai labourer’s brother was controlled by the officers so they were able to finish the crime reenactment.

He said: ‘The man was angry about what happened to his brother. We had to bar him from the reenactment site to avoid interruptions with the proceeding.

‘Phaibool reportedly verbally assaulted Zo saying that he could do anything he wanted to immigrants which made him very angry. He had the chance to get back at him while they were on a drinking session.

‘He first slashed his neck and the victim tried to run away. Zo followed him and stabbed him twice in the stomach before fleeing.’

Kriangsak Thaisong, 39, a worker who witnessed the incident, said: ‘They lived in the same apartment for workers but I had not seen them arguing or fighting.

‘On that day, I saw Phaibool running and calling for help around 11 pm. His neck was bleeding and had an injury on his stomach.’

Phaibool is still being treated in the hospital under the intensive care unit due to the severity of his injuries.