Ripped Thai dad, 56, gains TikTok fans with his impressive body


A ripped Thai dad has become a TikTok hit after his daughter shared videos of of his impressive body.

Passavee Loputhai, 56, likes to walk around shirtless showing off his muscular body at his home in Bangkok, Thailand.

The property developer – who owns a collection of Ferraris – gained popularity after his daughter, Metur Loputhai, 20, posted a video of her father exercising.

Metur’s fans pointed out how they impressed they were with her ripped dad – a contrast to the usual ‘dad bods’ – the youngster began posting more videos with her father, including dancing together.

Single dad Passavee said said he began working out in 2018 because he wanted to get healthy not only for himself but also for his only child.

He said: ‘I am a single father so I wanted to be healthy so I could take care of my daughter better. She was bored that time and started making TikTok videos with me. I didn’t expect that people would like them so much.’

Passavee said that when Covid-19 hit, he had to stop his cardio, weights, and outdoor jogging routines so he focused on recreating the exercise methods at home.

Aside from working out, the fitness enthusiast father also follows a diet with higher natural protein such as chicken breast, eggs, and cottage cheese while avoiding sugar and carbs.

Passavee added he enjoyed reading funny comments on the videos posted on the platform. As he was not familiar with technology, his accounts were being managed by his daughter.

He said: ‘The only drawback from being popular on the platform would be my colleagues teasing me about it. I’m just glad I made my daughter happy and inspired many people into maintaining a healthier lifestyle.’