Filipino family play fun Christmas game by rolling can over money bills

This is the amusing moment a family played a fun Christmas game by rolling a fruit juice can across money bills.

Kim Viray was celebrating the holidays with her family when they thought of playing the improvised game in Laguna province, the Philippines on December 24.

While waiting for midnight to eat dinner, Kim took out an extra pineapple juice can and some money bills with different amounts.

Footage shows one of her brothers almost winning a 1,000 peso bill but the can rolled back to a an orange 20 pesos cash.

The family members were also seen bursting out in laughter when the prized amount of 1,000 peso bill was unexpectedly blown away by air when the can was about to hit it.

Kim said: “Everyone was eager and excited to win the grand prize which is the 1,000 peso bill.

“Then this moment happened and everyone was on their feet laughing as the money appears to avoid being taken.”

In the¬†Philippines, where more than 80 per cent of the population is Roman Catholic, many adhere to¬†Christmas traditions such as dawn masses and waking up to eat dinner at midnight, when it’s officially December 25, together with family.