Kittens found trapped in car engine rescued


A hapless kitten was rescued after she was found trapped inside a car engine in central Thailand.

The car owner Rangsima Rojphirom, 25, was informed by a policeman patrolling the area that a cat could be heard crying from inside his parked car.

Rangsima immediately opened up the vehicle’s bonnet to search for the animal until he was able to successfully free her.

Footage shows the car owner luring the terrified moggie out until he was able to pull it from under the hood in Pathum Thani province on May 9.

The kind driver said he parked the white sedan two days before so the kitten estimated to be one-year-old might have climbed inside to find shelter.

He said: ‘I parked here two days ago but I haven’t started the engine since then. I think she climbed inside while the car was left here.

‘There were many dogs here. She might have escaped them. I already have three cats at home but I will ask my friends and neighbours if they want to adopt the cute kitten.’

The car owner thanked the senior policeman Police Sub Lieutenant Jaruek Saeng-arun, 68, and took the cat to his neighbourhood to feed and find a new home.