Snake wranglers use crane to catch huge python coiled in roof


Snake wranglers used a crane to catch a huge python coiled in the roof of a car repair shop in Thailand.

Footage shows a rescue volunteer riding a crane to reach the 10ft-long python hiding between the gaps of the roof beams in Kamphaeng Phet province on May 9.

Workers noticed the animal slithering overhead but they could not reach it as the roof was around 23ft high and a net cover was installed under the roof.

They called the rescue team who brought a crane truck so they could easily take the snake out of the property.

One of the car service shop staff said the net was built to prevent bird droppings from falling into the cars as the area had a big population of pigeons.

He said: ‘There was a net built on the roof to prevent the pigeon droppings from falling on us. I believe the snake was trapped after trying to hunt the birds and could not climb down.’

The rescuers were able to grab the snake from the roof and was placed inside a bin to be released in the wild later.