German driver ‘kills female motorcycle rider helping stray dog on road’


A German driver allegedly crashed and killed a motorcycle rider who was helping a stray dog on a road in Thailand.

Langer David, 29, was driving his luxury Mercedes Benz along a highway when he hit the rider in Pattaya City, Chonburi province on May 9 evening.

The young female rider Roongnapha Charoensuk, 21, had reportedly been guiding a stray dog out of danger after it wandered in the middle of the motorway.

However, Roongnapha was flung from of her two-wheeler and was critically injured due to the impact before police arrived at the scene to take her body to the hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Police Lieutenant Thannathorn Laearun said paramedics tried to revive the woman but her injuries were severe when they arrived at the scene.

He said: ‘She was still alive when the rescuers arrived but she was in too much pain and died later. Her injuries from the impact of the car were severe.’

The sedan’s windscreen in front of the driver seat, as well as the front bumper, had the most damage as it directly hit the motorcycle.

Police Lieutenant Thannaton added that they are still investigating the case and all of the CCTV footage recorded in the area will be checked to gather more evidence.

He said: ‘The driver so far was cooperative with the investigation. We are now checking the CCTV footage in the area for more evidence.’

The woman’s body was being kept at the Banglamung Hospital while waiting for a post mortem examination report before she will be returned to her family for funeral arrangements.