Robot serves drinks at coffee shop in northern Thailand


A robot serves drinks at a coffee shop to help with social distancing in northern Thailand.

Footage shows the robot waiter taking food to the customers while a staff controlled it from the bar in Lampang province on May 6.

The two-foot-tall machine has a platform to safely carry the food from the kitchen to the tables where people are waiting for their orders.

The robot was designed by a group of students from the Chaehom Industrial and Community Education College to help food shops implement Covid-19 safety rules during the pandemic.

Professor Suranet Dechburam said the robot was controlled using an app that could be installed in smartphones so anyone could operate the waiter.

He said: ‘Anyone could operate the robot through an app. The invention was designed to reduce physical contact between servers and customers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

‘Lampang is not a red zone for Covid-19 so people are still allowed to dine inside cafes or restaurants. We took this opportunity to debut our robot waiter.’

The robot is now being developed as a medical equipment that could help hospitals deliver food and medicines to Covid-19 patients.

Thailand recorded 4,887 new Covid-19 cases today (May 13) and 32 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 93,794 with 518 dead.