Thai students open up fields of flower crops to visitors


Thai students opened their flower gardens to tourists to earn extra money during the pandemic.

Students at the university in Khon Kaen province were allowed to use plots of land to sell their own crops.

Chalongchok Saisim, a university student, said she and her classmates decided to turn their garden into a public attraction during Covid-19.

This season, the students had planted Cutter Aster, a tiny flower with white petals mostly used for event decorations.

However, the students worried that it would be uneconomic to sell the blooms as market prices are still low.

Instead of selling, they decorated their garden with colourful turbines benches and umbrellas so they could earn on entrance fees.

Chalongchok said they are proud that the visitors liked the healthy plants and flowers that they managed to cultivate in the university grounds.

She said: ‘We have planted around 50,000 Cutter Aster plants to fund our education hoping that people would buy it, but with Covid-19 we weren’t able to sell as many flowers as we planned to.

‘We decided to turn them into a cute public garden so people can take a photo with it.’

The entrance fee to the public garden is 20 baht and people can take a seed home to plant the flowers by themselves.