Tree snake caught eating tokay gecko in noodle shop


This is the shocking moment a fierce tree snake was caught eating a tokay gecko inside a noodle shop in northeastern Thailand.

Footage shows the reptile wrapping its body around the lizard it was trying to eat while clinging on the wall in Udon Thani province on May 6.

Shop owner Kittichai Chaimeng, 32, was cooking food in the kitchen when he saw a strange noise coming from the ceiling.

Kittichai looked up and saw the hungry snake devouring its kill so he rushed out of the shop to call the animal rescuers for help.

The noodle stall owner said: ‘I was so scared. The snake was trying to swallow the gecko whole and I felt my skin shiver. I still filmed it because it was the first time I have seen such event.’

When the rescuers arrived, the snake was still clinging onto the wall and secured it using a long pole with tongs at the end.

The 3ft-long snake was captured in under 15 minutes which was placed inside a sack before it was taken away by the rescuers to be released back into the wild.

The relieved owner thanked the rescue team and said that he hoped that the snake encounter could bring luck into his shop.

He said: ‘I hoped the event would draw people’s attention and become curious in visiting my shop as vendors like me only have limited income during the pandemic.’