Hospital uses remote-controlled car to serve food to patients


A hospital in Thailand is using a remote-controlled car to serve food and deliver medicines to patients infected with Covid-19 to reduce the risk for nurses.

Nattapong Doo-ngam, a director of Plaipraya Hospital in Krabi revealed his invention earlier this month on May 9 after using his customised children’s toy in the workplace.

A wi-fi communication system has also been installed in the car allowing the patients to talk to medics at the end of the line.

The director said: ‘We really need to solve the problems of excessive use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as they are required to have three units a day to protect our nurses who deliver food and medicines to the Covid-19 patients.

‘I then had the idea when I saw my children’s toy car. So, I put a box on its back to make it able to carry the necessary items.

‘The car can go to any location in the hospital, reducing the use of PPE and the risk that our personnel have to face during the delivery.’ 

Plaipraya Hospital has 36 beds with 17 patients. The nurses normally take meals and the medicine three times a day to patients.

Thailand recorded 2,473 new Covid-19 cases today (May 18) and 35 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 113,555 with 649 dead.