Loose wheel flies into car windscreen on road in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/llfg7uchnisctux/VRP31077.mp4?dl=0

This is the terrifying moment a loose wheel flew into a car windscreen on a motorway in Thailand.

Dashcam footage shows the rubber detaching from a vehicle on the opposite lane before bouncing into an oncoming vehicle in Bangkok on March 2.

Smoke was seen coming out of the engine bonnet as the driver made his way on a nearby emergency stop along the highway.

Shocked motorist Somsak Sattabut, 45, said he was shaken by the flying hazard but he was able to slam the brakes after the object hit his vehicle so he was not hurt.

He said: ‘I was lucky that it didn’t fly higher or else it would have smashed into the driver seat and injured me. It happened so fast.’

The police arrived to assist and caught the truck driver who apologised after he was questioned about the incident.

He told officers that he did not know how the wheel was detached but he was unhurt and promised to make his boss, who owns the truck, pay for the damage to Somsak’s car.

Somsak agreed and was taken to the hospital to have a health check but two months later. He claimed that the truck owner still did not pay him for the damages so he is now launching a private civil case.

He said: ‘The truck’s owner promised he would cover the bill since someone else was hired to drive it but he kept postponing the date that he had to give me the money. It has been two months now.’