Electric bike bursts into flames in lift in China

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dczd6m0k8ghks5n/VRP31205.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment an electric bike burst into flames inside a lift in China.

Footage shows the two-wheeler emitting thick, white smoke as the elevator doors closed before igniting in the middle of residents in Chengdu City on May 10.

One of the residents pushed the door open button as smoke filled the cramped space but it was too late as the vehicle sparked only seconds after.

Five people including a five-month-old baby girl were injured and rushed to the West China Hospital for treatment but all of them were in stable condition now.

The baby girl and her 54-year-old grandmother reportedly sustained third-degree burns as 75 per cent of their bodies were injured from the fire while the three men had minor burns.

One of the police officers who responded said the cause of the fire was still unknown and the building management had placed the elevator out of service during investigations.

He told local media: ‘The cause of the fire is still unknown. The elevator is still out of service. Residents who owned electric cars charge their bikes on the corridor near the lift so they usually ride that unit to reach upper floors.’

The officer added that the lift was already on the seventh floor when the vehicle suddenly showed signs of overheating.

He said: ‘The man who owned the bike entered the lift from the seventh floor. He said the electric vehicle was fine before that so he did not know why it could have caught fire.’

China Bicycle Association and Bike Europe date estimated that there were around 265 million e-bikes being ridden in China, about 10 million in Europe, and at least 1 million in the U.S.