Brave female snake wrangler catches huge python curled up on wall


A brave female snake wrangler climbed up a wall to catch a huge python in central Thailand.

Reptile specialist Ratha Tapienthong responded when a farmer called their team for help removing the 10ft-long snake that slithered into their rice barn in Ang Thong province on May 10.

Footage shows the skillful rescuer Ratha mounting the wooden wall to reach the snake hiding behind the plank of the structure.

She used a ladder to climb the 20metre-high structure and mounted the walls without safety harness as the snake was way up high.

The snake was found when farmer Kularb Shochai, 60, who owned the barn harvested vegetables in the forest and checked on her supplies.

Kularb said the rice barn had been abandoned for a while and when she returned to check on it a huge snake was spotted nesting on it.

She said: ‘I tried to scare the snake away but it was way up the wall. I could not climb so I called the rescuers or else it would be hard for me to work here.’

The snake was caught within 15 minutes using a pole. It was released back into the wild by the team.

There are around 100,00 pythons in Thailand and around 2,000 of them are being caught in capital Bangkok alone each month.