Trolley rage! Norwegian man kicks Thai woman in supermarket dispute

A Norwegian man was fined for kicking a Thai woman in the leg during a supermarket trolley rage dispute.

Tor Zlatan, 45, was waiting at the checkout when fellow shopper Nong Omjan, 26, walked away with his trolley filled with five items he had already paid for.

CCTV footage showed how he yelled at the scared young woman then kicked her twice in the legs, leaving bruises on both thighs.

Tor was questioned at the police station in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand on December 29.  He admitted assaulting the girl and paid her 30,000 Baht to settle the case.

He said: ”I was angry because she took my trolley. But it was a misunderstanding.”

Omjan told police she had tried to explain to the European ex-pat that she went to the shopping mall with her mother and she was confused about which trolley was hers.

She said: ”It was my fault that I didn’t look at what was inside the trolley at first.”

Omjan apologized to Tor when he yelled at her but he kicked her in the leg.

The terrified woman said: ”I’ve never seen anything like that before, he pointed at me and kept staring at me angrily. I walked away crying to my mother, but nobody helped me.”

Omjan had a bruised leg and called for her mother who complained about the incident to the store manager.

Police officers arrived to mediate with the two parties after the manager called them for help.

They were taken to the police station to negotiate the dispute where she asked for 40,000 Baht as compensation for the physical abuse, but he negotiated it down to 30,000 Baht.

Omjan agreed to not file charges after Tor paid her while the police find the man an extra 500 Baht.

After the negotiations, Omjan left to visit a hospital and have her bruises checked while Tor was allowed to return home.

The Norwegian apologised for the incident. He said: ”I made a mistake and I’m sorry to the girl and sorry for all the trouble it has caused.”