Dog owner drowns while saving pet stuck in pond but loyal pooch survives and waits by shore


A dog owner drowned while saving his pet that was stuck in a pond – but the loyal pooch survived and waited by the shore.

Retired school director Boonrueng Chantadee, 76, jumped into the dirty water to rescue his dog named Mommam in Chonburi province, Thailand, on May 11 evening.

The pond was dark during the night so the old man had difficulty finding his way back to the shore after pushing the dog, named Mim, into safety.

He eventually drowned after his legs were caught in lotus plants while the heartbroken pooch stood still by the shore waiting for him to come.

The pensioner’s wife Sommai Chantadee, 73, said she went with her husband when they heard the dog crying in the night and they found the pooch struggling to stay afloat in the water.

She said: ‘My husband did not think twice to save the dog. He told me to bring a flashlight with us then we found our dog he jumped into the water but he was stuck. I could not do anything.’

The old woman called the police for help but her husband was already dead when the officers arrived. They found the dog still on the shore waiting for his owner.

Rescuers went into the water to locate the old man’s body and pulled him back into higher ground before the loyal pooch approached him appearing to guard his dead owner’s body.

The pooch followed him but his body had to be taken to Sattahip Hospital for a post-mortem examination so he was left with the old woman in the house. The old man’s body will be returned to the family once the autopsy report was released for funeral arrangements.