Furious Thai hookers take revenge on ‘fake modelling agent who tricked them into having sex on camera’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/461p2bpyfxkx3zj/VRP31403.mp4?dl=0

This is the moment furious Thai hookers took revenge on an alleged fake modelling agent as he was bundled into a police station for tricking them into having sex on camera.

Footage shows the escorts surrounding Denphum Wattanachotpinyo, 39, while throwing punches and kicks at him in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday evening (May 11).

Denphum was arrested on suspicion of rape after he allegedly posed as a modelling agent to lure high-class escorts into meeting him and promising to help them find jobs at private parties where they would be expected to serve drinks and have sex with wealthy men.

He allegedly told the women he needed to ‘test’ their services before plying them with drink, drugs and recording himself having sex with them at sham interviews. None of the high-paying jobs they were promised ever appeared.

Police said that they had traced 36 women who claim he drugged them before forcing them to have sex with him while he recorded it on his smartphone.

Police Major General Jirabhop Bhuridej said that Denphum would be questioned on suspicion of rape, physical assault and mental abuse.

He said: ‘We have testimonies from 36 women who reported him to us.’

The man was arrested after one of the women allegedly woke up after the assault and Denphum was sleeping. She took Denphum’s phone and identification card to the police station and they began investigating before arresting him.

Several other women and alleged victims waited at Bang Khun Thian Police Station where they attacked him as he was taken inside the building wearing a white hazmat suit.

Denphum denied the rape charges and said that the drugs belonged to the women. Talking to the police, he said: ‘I did trick them into meeting me instead of the clients but I did not rape them and the drugs belonged to them.’

However, Police Major General Jirabhop added the investigators believe that the man had been carrying out the crime for the last two years.

He said: ‘He may have been doing this for two years now. His criminal record showed that he was previously charged with rape, robbery, drug dealing, and gun possession.’

Denphum’s adoptive father Prasong Wattanachotpinyo, 76, said his son became aggressive growing up so he took him to psychiatrists as a teen.

He said: ‘He was left by his parents and I adopted him since I couldn’t have a kid with my wife. He grew up as an aggressive kid and loved beating other children and the elderly.

‘He used drugs at a very young age so I took him to psychiatrists and they said his behaviour was influenced by a substance produced by the mother’s stress while being in the womb. He’s a smart guy but he used his intelligence in the wrong way.’