Money tied to balloon for Mother’s Day surprise gift floats away into sky


This is the amusing moment money tied to a balloon as a surprise Mother’s Day gift floated away into the sky.

Footage shows the 65-year-old mother Aida Buan excitedly untying the balloon from a box before it quickly drifted upwards in Pampanga province, the Philippines on May 8.

The pensioner was left confused after her mother’s day surprise flew away while the money was still tied to the bottom.

However, her daughter Lea Davinci Carlos said the money tied to the balloon was fake and they intended for it to float to prank their mother.

She said: ‘We were all watching her open our surprise because we all planned the prank. Our mother looked confused until the very end when we gave her our real gift.

‘We always give her gifts during mother’s day and other celebrations but this time we thought of making it more memorable.’

Lea and her four other siblings then gave the real money as a gift to their delighted old mother for the special occasion and explained to her that the balloon was only a joke.