Woman born with large birthmark on face becomes TikTok star with makeup tutorials

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/079ci5y127arthp/VRP31568.mp4?dl=0

A Thai woman born with a large birthmark on her face gained confidence after becoming a TikTok star with her makeup tutorial videos.

Ploypapas Udomlerdpituk, 23, said she was teased as a child due to the discolouration that almost covered half of her face so she grew up insecure about her appearance.

However, when she joined the video-sharing platform in 2019 she found a way to explore different makeup styles and gain back her confidence by enhancing her beauty.

Videos show her doing a makeup routine to cover the dark-coloured patch that appeared to stain the area around her eyes and cheeks in Nonthaburi province, Thailand on April 22.

The TikTok star said today (May 14) she quickly gained popularity and now has more than 230,000 followers who watch her give daily makeup tutorials.

Ploypapas said: ‘I think many girls can relate to me so they liked to watch me doing makeup tutorials. I try different makeup on my face and post the videos online.

‘Other children made fun of me when I was younger because I looked different to them. That’s just what children do so it doesn’t bother me now.’

Ploypapas’s videos include trying out new makeup products, particularly concealers, while advising her followers how to cover blemishes, spots and marks.

The young woman said she would never remove the birthmark from her face with cosmetic laser surgery as ‘it was a part of her’.

She added: ‘The birthmark is a part of who I am, it’s how I was born. Doctors also told me that the marks won’t disappear completely after lasering, so I decided to accept it.’

TikTok is a controversial social media app that originated from China. It has been blocked in a number of countries due to privacy concerns.