Thai soldiers patrol border to stop people smuggling during Covid-19 wave


Thai soldiers are patrolling the country’s border with Myanmar to stop people from illegally entering the during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Military chiefs said 45 units had been deployed across northern Thailand at points where there is a natural border with neighbouring provinces in Myanmar.

Officials fear that migrant workers fleeing the turmoil left by the military coup on February 1 will enter illegally with people smugglers to find work in Thailand.

Soldiers will work around the clock and check every vehicle at checkpoints in Chiang Mai province, while also scanning people for signs of Covid-19.

Force commander Major General Narit Thawornwong said: ‘We’re patrolling day and night and will search the risky locations to make sure no one passes through natural routes.

‘Equipment such as light bulbs, barbed wire, and CCTV cameras have also been installed in those areas to maximise the success of our operation.’

Thailand recorded 2,256 new Covid-19 cases today (May 14) and 30 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 96,050 with 548 dead.