Tree snake caught in 7-Eleven supermarket in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a golden tree snake was caught inside a 7-Eleven supermarket in Thailand.

Footage shows the reptile slithering into a bag hanging in the storage room of the store in Nakhon Nayok province on May 12.

Store owner Sanchai Nakboorana was about to take some supplies from the room when he noticed the animal by the wall.

Sanchai said he immediately called the emergency services for help to prevent the staff and the customers from panicking.

He said: ‘I was startled when I went into the storage room and noticed that there was a green snake moving near the door.

‘We had customers and workers inside the store that time and I don’t want them to panic so I closed the door and called the rescuers for help.’

Upon seeing the volunteers, the snake jumped out of the bag to hide under the stock and equipment in the cramped room.

The rescuers slowly searched for the animal inside until they were able to pin it down on the corner and grab it using a pole. After ten minutes, the reptile was taken out of the store and placed in a bag to be released back into the wild away from villages.

The golden tree snake is active during the day and despite being only mildly venomous it could still be harmful to humans if the victim is allergic to its toxins. This species has been observed to kill some of its prey by crushing and breaking the neck. It is also generally shy and fast.