Kind man rescues mother dog and puppies living in field in the Philippines


A kind man rescued a mother dog and her puppies that were found living in a field in the Philippines.

Animal lover Raevin Amante Bonifacio said the dog approached their house in Sucat, Paranaque as if it was looking for help. After asking around about the pooch, he found that it had puppies and was usually seen staying in a nearby field.

He said: ‘Our house is so far from the fields, but she still came to us.’

Raevin and his friend Joanna set off to find the puppies, but were unable to locate them because of the darkness. They returned to the field a few days later, using a box full of food to lure out the dogs. It took another day before Raevin finally won her trust and brought her back home.

He said: ‘She lived in that field for years, surviving on food scraps from trash. I’ll make sure she and her puppy get to eat a lot now.’