Spectacular moment traveller sits down to play guitar and accidentally records huge avalanche

This is the spectacular moment a traveller accidentally caught on camera a huge avalanche.

Shambhu Adhikari trekked to the  Kapuche Glacier Lake in Nepal and was recording himself play guitar in front of the breathtaking scenery.

However, he sat down with his instrument and heard rumbling on top of the snow-covered mountain behind him on Monday (Jan 11)

Within moments hundreds of tonnes of snow and ice were thundering down the steep slopes. 

A kayaker on the clear blue lake had to frantically turn back and paddle ashore while several other tourists yelled in excitement.

Shambu scrambled up a hillside and sheltered among trees as the freezing snow and wind battered him and those around, who were also caught up in the fall.

The dramatic avalanche was captured on Shambu’s mobile phone. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. 

Shambu said: ‘This was the most thrilling and awesome experience of my life. Luckily I moved out of the way quickly, saving my life and my guitar.

‘I am blessed to have been able to see such an incredible sight. Kapuche Lake is magnificent. It’s the eighth wonder of Nepal.’

The Kapuche Glacier Lake in Parche, Nepal, is the lowest glacier lake in the world at 2,546 metres above sea level.

Avalanches happen when a large amount of snow collects on a steep mountainside but it is not well bonded together. When some of the snow particles become loose and can no longer withstand the weight, they begin rolling down and quickly collect others until an avalanche is formed.