Jilted husband arrested after ‘stabbing wife to death in hair salon’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/crgilbk7wdzvs21/VRP32605.mp4?dl=0

A jilted husband was arrested after allegedly stabbing his wife to death inside a hair salon in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows Thanarat Narinsut, 31, attacking Jatuporn Deekhlai, 28, while she was working at the counter in Lopburi province on May 14.

Thanarat allegedly threatened his ex with a fake gun before punching her in the face which knocked her under the counter. He then stabbed her 27 times using a knife until she was dead.

The man fled using his motorbike and hid in a forest in Kanchanaburi province where he was arrested on May 16 after his father contacted the police and told them where he was hiding.

Police Colonel Somchai Chukaew said Thanarat had recently lost his job and went to see his ex-wife after they were divorced two years ago.

He said: ‘Thanarat used to work in Chonburi and returned to Lopburi a few days ago after losing his job. He tried to win his ex-wife back but she refused so he was angry.

‘He raided the salon using a fake gun and slapped her face until she fell. He then stabbed her 27 times with a kitchen knife as the woman screamed and eventually died.’

Police Colonel Somchai added that the man confessed to the murder but he was not able to give clear answers during the interrogation as he seemed to be under the influence of drugs.

He said: ‘Initially, he confessed to the murder but he was unable to give us clear answers as he seemed to be in trance due to the drug use. There will be further questioning during the investigation.’

During the reenactment of the crime, Thanarat burst into tears and said that he could not control himself due to the anger.

Investigations are still ongoing to find out the motive for the alleged murder.