Japanese hot pot restaurant decorated with coffins

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ad91egydnhdey48/VRP32642.mp4?dl=0

A bizarre Japanese hot pot restaurant has been decorated with coffins in Thailand.

Footage shows the strange eatery where coffins and other funeral arrangement pieces such as shrines, wreaths, and crematorium could be found in Songkhla province on May 17.

Chef Kreethapon Nasong, 28, used to work at a five-star hotel but when the Covid-19 shut the business down he thought of starting his own restaurant.

Kreethapon said he wanted the theme of his first business to be unique while holding the value of ‘making peace with death to enjoy life.’

He said: ‘I want to raise awareness on the uncertainty of life so my customers could learn how to be cautious and enjoy it but not be afraid of death.

‘Some people may be terrified by the look of my restaurant but if they try my food they will experience delicious Japanese hot pot.’

Aside from the grim decoration, the restaurant also plays lament songs and sermons about karma and dharma while waitresses are serving the food.

Thailand recorded 2,473 new Covid-19 cases today (May 18) and 35 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 113,555 with 649 dead.