Pensioner receives oral sex in a park in Taiwan in front of shocked locals


Shocked locals spotted a pensioner receiving oral sex from a young woman in a park in Taiwan.

The grey-haired man was seen sitting on a wall next to his silver thermos flask in Taichung, Taiwan, on Sunday night (May 16).

A young woman was kneeling on the ground in front of him with her head between his legs while moving back and forwards.

Onlookers believe the woman – who was not wearing a coronavirus protective mask – was performing oral sex on the old man. She can be seen in the video wearing a white corset-style top and her bra strap is also visible.

The filmer said: ‘I don’t think she was helping him with his aching muscles. It looked more explicit than that. They had been walking in the park then they sat on that wall and started getting intimate.

‘I was surprised. I thought that old people had more respect for their surroundings than that.’

The filmer said they did not report the couple to police. They stopped filming and left the area while they continued the apparent sex act.

Taiwan’s law states that a ‘person who for purpose of exhibition publicly commits an obscene act shall be sentenced to imprisonment for less than one year, short-term imprisonment and a fine of not more than nine thousand dollars’.