Fire destroys plastics factory in Bangkok, Thailand


A large fire destroyed a plastics and foam factory sending toxic smoke in the air.

Nearby residents called the police after the blaze spread through the warehouses in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday May 16.

Firefighters stopped the flames and the police interrogated 20 workers who were working overtime at the factory but police did not believe the fire was started deliberately.

hundreds of families living in nearby homes were evacuated due to a toxic haze caused by the reaction between the heat and chemicals.

Atthaphol Charoenchansa, director-general of the country’s Pollution Control Department, said: ‘The smoke consisted of volatile organic compounds and PM2.5 dust particles which is enough evidence to sue the factory.

‘Despite the accidental circumstance, the legal section will calculate the amount of plastic to take action in a civil case for violating the Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Act.’