Pregnant cow rescued after getting stuck in muddy canal


A pregnant cow was rescued after she was found stuck in a muddy canal in central Thailand.

The four-year-old cow named Boonrod was drinking water on the canal with seven others in the herd when its legs tripped and were caught in the mud.

Boonrod struggled to move out of the sludge but with each movement, she sank deeper into the mud. Farmer Ari Phorplook, 54, tried to help but was unsuccessful and called the emergency serviced for help.

Footage shows the hapless female animal being assisted by a rescue team member out of the water in Ang Thong province on May 15.

Farmer Ari said: ‘Boonrod was thirsty and walked into the wet part of the canal. She then fell deeper and her legs were stuck in the mud.

‘Other farmers helped me but the cow was too big so we needed more help. My cow was getting weaker and she is pregnant too.’

When the rescuers arrived, they had the farmer calm the cow down before tying a rope around her body before six people including the volunteers pulled her out.

After almost two hours, the cow was freed from the mud. She was given some food and water before being taken home by the farmer who thanked the rescuers.