Rampaging monitor lizard caught in house in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssn6fbzelhv7i54/VRP33154.mp4?dl=0

A rampaging monitor lizard was caught in a house in central Thailand.

The energetic lizard entered the property through a hole in the fence before it ran around the smooth-tiled floor scaring the residents.

After sparking panic on the house, it then moved to a neighbour’s yard so they called the rescue team for help in evacuating the animal.

Footage shows the 4ft-long reptile hiding in the narrow space between furniture and a door before trying to escape from animal rescuers in Kamphaeng Phet province on May 14.

House owner Prarinya Jongnarongchai, 30, said more than ten animal rescuers arrived as the reptile was too quick and escaped the team everytime.

He said: ‘It came to my house first so I called the rescuers to help me take it out. It’s quite normal for me to see lizards because we’re near the forest.

‘However, this lizard was too fast. My neighbours called other rescuers to chase it so we ended up having too many rescuers after the reptile.’

The volunteers spread across the road trying to pull the lizard by the tail everytime it passed by them but it was too clever and escaped everytime.

After almost an hour they were able to secure it when it was cornered in one of the houses’ laundry area. A team member threw a cloth onto the lizard’s head which limited its vision.

Another resident Paichit Phuttachart, 50, said: ‘I wanted to catch it myself but it was very fast and I couldn’t keep up with it.’

The rescuers from Kawphab Rescue Association took the animal estimated to be 20kg with them to be released back into the wild later.