Emaciated dogs found living in rundown animal shelter in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0psnqn984fstskz/VRP33194.mp4?dl=0

Emaciated dogs were found living inside a rundown animal shelter in northeastern Thailand.

Footage shows the pooches with apparent diseases inside the dilapidated gated facility on a small island in Khon Kaen province on May 18.

Some of the 142 dogs roamed freely on the island but appeared to have the inability to walk properly due to malnutrition while the caged ones were extremely sick or infested with ticks.

The shelter run by the municipal government was reportedly in the process of improvement but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Municipal secretary Wittaya Phuyosan said: ‘The shelter with 142 dogs was run by local officials but those areas were built for dogs that tried to escape. It was in the process of improvement.’

Despite the promised renovation, a group of animal lovers who visited the place said the dogs barely have food or water aside from the unhealthy condition of the facility.

One of the local animal rights activists who went to the shelter said: ‘The administration of this place don’t even come to feed the dogs since it’s hidden in the island.

‘The bowls were empty and if we hadn’t come some of them might have been dead due to starvation. They were thin and sick. They could barely move.

‘We want the authorities to help these animals so that they could have food and medicines which should not be too much to ask.’

The animal shelter’s condition was reported to the police but while waiting for a formal investigation the group returns to the island from time to time to feed the animals and provide treatment to the sick dogs.