Crashed truck left in bizarre upside-down position


A truck carrying a septic tank pump overtuned on a curve and flipped onto its cabin – leaving it hanging upside-down over an electric pole.

The bizarre crash happened on a sharp bend on a road in Lamphun province, Thailand on January 11.

Driver, Noom, 38, said he was approaching the curve when the long vehicle lost control and swerved towards the trees.

Noom said he was glad the tank did not have content or else the dirty sewage water would have spilt out.

He said: ‘I was driving to unclog a toilet at a customer’s house. While driving to a curve, the car lost balance and I started to swerve.’

The driver slammed the brakes to stop the vehicle but the impact flung the car ‘head-over-heels’ onto an electric pole.

The police sent a crane to safely remove the truck from the pole before informing the electric company to double-check if the power lines have been damaged.

No one was hurt in the incident and the police are investigating how the truck crashed and was left in the unusual position.