Motorcycle bursts into flames while rider tries to fix it


This is the shocking moment a motorcycle burst into flames while it was being repaired.

CCTV footage shows a youngster tinkering with the scooter after it malfunctioned on his way home in Chonburi province, Thailand, on May 14.

The rider was seen frantically calling a nearby shop’s workers for help when his two-wheeler was engulfed in flames.

After more than a minute, a brave worker came out with a fire extinguisher and doused the burning vehicle until the blaze was put out.

Rider Chanachai Tien-ngern, 19, who owned the scooter said he felt something was wrong with the engine so he stopped near the shop for a moment to check.

He said: ‘I smelled the gas and then stopped to check the engine. The gas dropped from the tank into a spark plug and then sparked the flames.

‘The engine suddenly felt very hot while I was riding. I did not use it for very long that morning. I only went to the market to help my sister sell grilled chicken in the market.

‘Aside from overheating, it seemed to have problems starting and stopped. I know I had enough gas because I just refilled it the other day.’

No one was hurt but the motorcycle was badly damaged. Chanachai took it to a local mechanic for repair.