Two kittens rescued after getting stuck in car engine


Two kittens were rescued after they were found stuck inside a car engine in Thailand.

The moggies were heard crying by workers in a parking lot and searched for them inside a black Toyota car in Trat province on May 14.

Footage shows the concerned workers using their smartphones as flashlight to find where the kittens inside the vehicle engine after the car owner arrived.

They found two female cats – a black and a white one – hiding under the engine and crying profusely out of hunger so they were fed with some milk.

The car owner said a stray cat in their neighbourhood recently gave birth and may have hidden two of her babies inside the car during the night.

She said: ‘I usually drive this car to work for around 30km everyday. There was a stray cat that gave birth in our neighbourhood so I think these were her babies.

‘The cat may have hidden her babies in my car to keep them safe. Those kittens were lucky that they were not hurt while I was travelling with them inside the engine.

The kittens were draped in a cloth to warm before they were taken by the driver home back to their mother.