Thai workers in Israel hide under truck during Palestine rocket bombardment


Video shows a group of Thai workers hiding under a delivery truck in during a Palestinian rocket bombardment in Israel on Tuesday afternoon (May 18).

Worker Somrak Malaisriruttana said: ‘Fortunately nobody was injured in our camp. The space under the truck was the only spot to hide.’

The terrifying scene came as both sides in the Israel Palestine conflict continued their aerial bombardment campaigns, with hundreds dead since it flared up last week. Two Thai farmworkers in Israel were among those killed in the blasts.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said attacks will ‘continue as long as it takes in order to restore calm for all of Israel’s citizens’

There were no major flare-ups of the Middle East conflict under former U.S. President Donald Trump but unrest has escalated in recent weeks and become a serious foreign policy issue for the Democrat administration of President Joe Biden.