Workers find snake hiding in shopping mall storage room


Workers found a giant 10ft-long python hiding in a shopping mall’s storage room in central Thailand.

The workers were clearing the trash that piled up in a narrow alley in the building when they saw the snake in Saraburi province on May 18.

As they removed the discarded bottles, they noticed some movements in the darker part of the alley and saw the huge snake slithering under the garbage.

The shocked workers informed their manager about the reptile and called the animal rescuers for help in evacuating it.

Wichai Chanrueng, who works at the mall, said: ‘It was the biggest snake that I have seen in my life. It could easily eat an adult cat. The snake might have been the reason we don’t have rats here.’

The rescue volunteers struggled to find the snake in the narrow and dark alley filled with trash. They removed some of the bigger objects before finding the snake at the bottom of the pile.

After almost an hour, three rescue members were able to pull the snake out of the property. The animal was huge but it did not resist the team.

The 15kg snake was then placed inside a sack and taken by the rescue team to be released back into the wild later.