Beautiful moment hundreds of buffalo paddle through lake


This is the beautiful moment hundreds of buffalo paddled through a lake in southern Thailand.

The herd, with some of them appearing to be albino, walked through the wet grassland to eat underwater plants in Phatthalung province on June 13.

The creatures were seen with their youngs to reach the submerged grassy part in Thale Noi, a non-hunting and protected freshwater wetland.

A local said that the area had been a food source for buffaloes and other animals in the surrounding area so they adapted themselves to swimming far distances.

He said: ‘The buffaloes could dive for seven minutes and eat grass while underwater before returning to the surface to breathe. They like to be in the water because there is always food.

‘The lake is also home to several plants too like the beautiful lotuses that fill the water. Tourists also come here to watch the flowers.’

Tourists could come to the lake and watch hundreds of buffaloes exhibit unique behaviour. The animals always come in groups and eat together before leaving when they had their fill.