Tree branch falls onto woman’s car during storm in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a tree branch fell onto a woman’s car after a storm in eastern Thailand.

The woman had just finished shopping for groceries and was about to take her bags into the vehicle when strong winds blew before debris came falling from a tree in Chonburi province on May 17.

CCTV footage shows Noi stepping away from the car as heavy branch and leaves struck her grey Nissan Frontier pickup truck.

No one was hurt from the incident but the woman’s car and another truck parked nearby were damaged from the incident.

Noi said: ‘I was walking to my car after shopping when I heard a loud cracking sound of wood. I decided to step back and evade whatever it was then I saw the tree branch just missed my head.’

The tree that broke was a 100-year-old Bodhi Fig tree that stood 30metres-tall on the roadside of the busy market area.

The owner of the other truck that was damaged Thawatchai Yamchoo, 30, said what happened was an accident but he will still ask for compensation.

He said: ‘The agency responsible for clearing road obstructions and grooming the trees should pay for the damages. They knew the tree had grown massively but they failed to fix it.’