Safari park animals cool off as temperatures reach 40C in Thailand


This is the adorable moment safari park animals cooled off as temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius in northern Thailand.

Footage shows tigers being sprayed with refreshing water during a scorching afternoon inside their enclosure at the Chiang Mai Night Safari on May 19.

Aside from regular baths, the zookeepers encouraged the animals to swim in the pool by throwing snacks in the water so they would dive in to collect then.

The staff also hanged food on trees so that the animals would try to climb and take it as a form of exercise and avoid weather-induced diseases such as heat stroke.

Zoo director Benjaphon Nakprasert said: ‘We had to put our best effort to keep the animals healthy during extremely hot days so the zoo came up with activities to help them release stress.

‘Now we are preparing to reopen the zoo by vaccinating the staff for Covid-19 but in the meantime, people can enjoy watching the animals through our online show.’

The hot summer season in Thailand starts from April and ends in June while the rainy season begins from July until October.