Filipino artist born with disability amazes locals with ‘footcrafted’ art


A Filipino artist who was born without arms displayed his talent by creating art using his feet.

Bermin Villasor Rigor, 33, has loved drawing since he was a child. But fearful of ridicule due to his condition, he decided to hide his art.

He said: ‘I saw that I had a knack for drawing even when I was little. I didn’t bother pursuing it since I was too shy, I didn’t have the courage to show my talent.’

Bermin would later make use of his talent when his family in San Pedro, Laguna lost their income during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

Using his parents’ financial struggles as motivation, the artist soldiered on and continued to hone his craft, going on social media to promote his art. Today, Bermin’s sketches sell for upwards of P1,000 (around $20) each.

He said: ‘The first one I drew was of my mother, and since then, many have been calling to hire me. I’m glad because now I can help my parents financially even with my disability.’

Benjamin is currently enrolled in the Philippines’ Alternative Learning System which is a substitute for formal instruction. He plans to take up fine arts when he gets to college.

He said: ‘Everyone has weaknesses. But those shouldn’t prevent us from reaching for our dreams and living our lives.’