Baby has HILARIOUS reaction when male relatives try to kiss her


This is the hilarious moment a baby shrieked with anger when her relatives tried to kiss her – instead of her mum.

Four-month-old Ava Adalin was playing in the living room when her grandfather and uncle each leaned in for a kiss on the cheek in Cebu province, the Philippines on February 1.

However, the happy baby girl let out a fierce shriek with an adorable expression every time they went to touch her.

Footage shows baby Ava being held on the sofa by her grandmother before squealing loudly in her pink onesie and shaking her hands to stop her male relatives from giving her a kiss.

Her mother Alexandra said she was pleased to know that the baby already knew how to set boundaries with other people at such a young age. The only person she allows to kiss her is her mother.

Alexandra said: ‘My baby disapproves of the kisses by screaming. I am pleased to know that she already knew how to set boundaries and say no when she does not want something.

‘Other than being unsanitary, kissing someone else’s baby without permission is never okay. I do not tell her to hug or give kisses to family members, instead I will ask her if she wants one.’