Woman seen on CCTV pooing next to claw grabber machine twice in two months

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rmuguk83q21u83/VRP34205.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment a woman was seen on CCTV pooing next to a claw grabber machine twice in two months in Taiwan.

The bizarre old lady was first seen defecating inside the arcade store after choosing the secluded space in Taipei on April 4.

She then returned to the store a little more than a month later on May 9 and went to the same spot to relieve herself quickly before dashing out with her shopping bag.

The store owner Wei Hepeng said that the unknown woman had visited the place in the morning during holidays when there were no customers inside.

He said: ‘I only found out after member a staff informed me. When I went to check the store I was told that many customers had stepped on the poo.

‘The whole store was covered with traces of human waste. The woman has affected my business’ image which was bad. I hope she doesn’t return here anymore.’

The videos were sent to the local police to identify the woman and warn her about the incident. The owner also regularly comes to the store during weekend mornings to guard it in case the old woman returns.