Hero pet dog foils drug deal by picking up parcel left at drop-off point and taking it home in his mouth

Hero: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6l6yu0habyy7wah/VRP34224.mp4?dl=0

A clever pet dog was hailed a hero after intercepting a drug deal – taking a mouthful of meth back to his owner.

The two-year-old female Aspin pooch named Nil chased a suspicious-looking man she saw for the first time in their neighbourhood in Udon Thani province, Thailand on May 19 evening.

The next morning (May 20), pet owner Oh Nam Fong, 59, was confused when the dog came home and dropped a parcel that contained pills.

As Oh Nam tried to figure out what the pills were for, he noticed the strange man who was chased by the dog the night before lurking around their house so he called the police. Officers later arrested the man, who they believe was searching for the drop-off point where the drugs had been left before the dog had ran off with them.

The pet owner said he was shocked when the police arrived and found that the parcel actually contained 2,000 pieces of the illegal drug methamphetamine.

He said: ‘Nil chased the man riding a motorcycle near my house the night before. He came back and forth until he returned again this morning.

‘I don’t know where my dog found the parcel but I am relieved that he was not hurt. He helped catch a criminal and I am so proud of her.’

Police Captain Charoenchai Nikulkarn said they caught the 30-year-old man believed to be a drug dealer who was searching for the missing parcel with pills. They believe a second man had left them on the ground for the suspect to collect, only for the deal to be messed up by the curious dog that found them first and ran home with them.

He said: ‘The parcel was placed in a drop-off point but the dog found it before the man was able to take it. He had been looking for the plastic all night and that was when the dog chased the stranger.’

Officers are now checking CCTV footage in the area to identify who dropped the parcel in the area while the suspect was detained at the station.