Thai soldiers deliver essential supplies on horseback to remote villages


This is the heartwarming moment Thai soldiers delivered essential supplies on horseback to remote villages to help out pandemic-affected citizens.

Footage shows the soldiers with the donkeys and mules trekking on mountain trails to take food and medicine to residents who lived on the borders of Chiang Mai province on May 25.

The outreach program called ‘Army Delivery’ made use of the animals as it made transportation easier due to the rough terrain.

Cavalry Regiment Task Force 5 deployed the animals that they trained for special missions where the vehicles were unable to reach.

Most of the communities in the area were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic who lost income and capacity to buy food and other essentials.

Pha Muang Force commander Maj Gen Narit Thawornwong said: ‘We’re patrolling around the borders and also looking after people in the area as well.

‘We mostly delivered rice, dried food and several consumer goods so that they don’t have to spend their savings to continue their lives.’