Houses buried by landslide after heavy rain in Indonesia


Footage shows the harrowing aftermath of a deadly landslide in the Cihanjung village of Sumedang, Indonesia, on January 12.

A backhoe was seen digging the soil out of the row of houses that were buried in soil.

Thirteen people were killed and 27 are still missing after a series of deadly landslides in Indonesia caused by heavy rain.

The Bandung Search and Rescue (SAR) Office said the landslides had affected a number of villages across across Sumedang in West Java.

Head of the Bandung SAR Office Deden Ridwansyah said: ‘The search operation is ongoing to look for 27 people, comprising six individuals found missing in the earlier data and an additional 21 based on information from the public.’

The landslides were caused by heavy rain from the northeast monsoon, which has also caused severe flooding and deaths in Thailand and Malaysia. The first landslide was on Saturday afternoon (Jan 9).