Musicians perform live songs to help orangutans stressed during pandemic


This is the heartwarming moment musicians performed live songs to help orangutans that were stressed during the pandemic in a Thai zoo.

The primates have shown signs of emotional distress since the Covid-19 restrictions closed down the zoo and prevented tourists from visiting in Khon Kaen Zoo, Thailand.

Zoo staff believe it is because of the lack of visitors so to soothe the animals, musicians volunteered to perform and entertain them while they rested inside their enclosures.

Footage shows the Thai zookeepers wearing masks singing and playing a lively song accompanied by an acoustic guitar on May 22.

Zoo officer Narongwit Chodchoy said: ‘We have prepared activities to keep the animals occupied. There is enough food for them to cheer them up.

‘Our staff would travel in a van to visit animals in different areas to sing for them and make them feel loved during this lonely time.’

The zoo was affected by the new wave of Covid-19 as visitors were still not allowed to travel and the establishment remained closed.

Thailand has recorded 138,000 Covid-19 cases so far with 873 deaths as of May 27.