Kind paramedic rescued two injured cobras and nursed them back to health


Two injured cobras were nursed back to health by a kind animal rescuer in Thailand.

The first snake was found trapped inside a chicken coop while trying to eat the birds in Trang province last week.

It aggressively tried to wriggle free from the metal wires when villagers arrived, which left it covered in wounds.

The second snake was caught a few days later, looking fatigued as it had not eaten for days.

Snake wrangler Sai Kaewjue, caught the 16ft long cobras and took them back to the animal shelter.

The skilful rescuer had been working on animals for eight years so he took care of the animals himself.

He cleaned the cobra’s wounds and gave them medicine himself until they were stronger and fit to return to the wild. Sai also drained the deadly poison from their fangs before tending to them.

Sai has cured at least 300 snakes and he had never been bitten once in his career.

He said: ‘I just wanted to make sure all of them were healed and safe before I released them into the wild.’