Young musician plays songs for lonely zoo animals during Covid-19 pandemic


This is the heartwarming moment a young musician played songs for zoo animals left lonely during the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand.

The teenager wore a cute giraffe onesie while playing her keyboard to animals as they ate their food in Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi province on May 23.

Due to the pandemic, the zoo has received less revenue as fewer people visited the animals due to Covid-19 restrictions across the country.

Zoo chief Tewin Rattanawongsawat said: ‘The pandemic affected the zoo and there have only been a few visitors. So we would like to bring back joy to our animals.

‘A hippopotamus named Mommy Mali was the one who enjoyed music the most. The meerkats have a very good sensory system and they seemed excited.

‘The lemurs then came to examine instruments and played with the children. Flamingos expanded their wings while tigers and hyenas walked back and forth with excitement when the music was played.’

Thailand has recorded 135,439 Covid-19 cases so far with 832 deaths as of May 25. The government banned all public gatherings, including zoos and other establishments from operating following the third wave of cases which soared in April.