Medics use drone to spray disinfectant inside hospital amid Covid-19 resurgence in Thailand


Medics used an agricultural drone that normally sprays pesticide on crops to cleanse a hospital treating Covid-19 patients in northern Thailand.

The drone was a part of the ‘Big Cleaning Day MAEJO Green Heart Smart University’ project by Maejo University in Chiang Mai to help sanitize the university’s field hospital on May 24.

‘Sky Team Fight COVID-19’ drones carried silver nano solution and sprayed it in the risky areas before Sun Robot sanitized the surfaces with ultraviolet rays.

They were able to clean 4,000 square metres of a sports centre and 6,000 square metres of lecture buildings that are being used as a field hospital.

Associate Professor Dr Weerapon Thongma said: ‘Our university will provide the silver nano product to every faculty and every section to sanitize in order to build up confidence for our community.’

Thailand has recorded 135,439 Covid-19 cases so far with 832 deaths as of May 25. The government banned all public gatherings, including zoos and other establishments from operating following the third wave of cases that soared in April.