Scary moment snake slithers across car windscreen during storm


This is the scary moment a snake slithered across a car windscreen during a storm.

The sneaky reptile emerged on the vehicle as it was being driven through Ranong province, southern Thailand, on May 22.

Shocked driver Tan Parichad pulled over to remove the creature. She said: ‘I was talking with my husband in the car then the snake just came out of nowhere.

‘It was showing its head on my car windscreen. I was so frightened inside with my family. It wanted to enter the car during the stormy weather.’

Tan added that she did not know where the snake came from or how it reached the roof of their car.

She said: ‘I’m not sure where we might have taken the snake. It might have sneaked in while the car was stopped or parked.’

The couple left the car as they were afraid the snake could somehow enter through a gap. When they were outside, the snake suddenly went to the back of the car to hide from them.

After a few moments, it then fell onto the pavement and slithered away from the couple before disappearing into the grassy part of the roadside.

No one was hurt in the incident and the locals were informed about the loose snake.