Baby cow stuck in muddy pond rescued


This is the heartwarming moment a baby cow stuck in a muddy pond was rescued in Thailand.

The hungry animal wandered into the back of a house to feed on the grass when it slipped on the wet part of the ground and fell to the bottom of a hole filled with sludge in Chonburi province on May 24.

The frantic cow tried to climb out of the hole but it was 5ft-deep and the animal was covered in thick mud. It was discovered an hour later when the house owner discovered the cow behind his property.

To save the 200kg animal, the rescue team was called and began smashing a part of the concrete hole to make it easier for them to pull the cow out.

The cow’s owner Noom Yong, 40, said the house owner informed him about the animal as the rescuers attempted to save it.

He said: ‘I brought my tools including a rope and a hammer to help the rescuers. The cow was separated from the group and wandered inside my neighbour’s house.’

After almost half an hour, the cow was freed after the team smashed part of the concrete and pulled the animal using a rope tied around its body.

The cow was cleaned and returned to the farmer who thanked the rescuers for saving the animal.