Burning truck carrying hay speeds down road in Thailand

This is the shocking moment a truck was engulfed in flames as it sped down a road in Thailand.

Chaiyong Tangjai, 42, had to deliver stacks of hay in Ubon Ratchathani province when the trailer attached to his truck ignited on Monday (Jan 13).

The driver said he changed tires before the blaze which could have been the reason but he doesn’t know how.

He said: ‘It was cold that time and I stopped for a moment to fix my tire, but when I drove again people were shouting at me that the truck was on fire.’

The truck had at least 150 stacks of hay on the back and the flames spread through them rapidly.

Despite the burning cargo, the driver did not stop his truck to find a safe place to park.

He said: ‘I didn’t want to stop the truck because I was driving past a school and a gas station, all of which might been dangerous.

Some of the burning hay was scattered along the truck’s path as shocked onlookers watched.

The truck stopped on the roadside across a vacant lot before the driver rushed out to call for help.

Firefighters arrived to put out the fire on the back of the truck as well as the burning hay on the road.

No one was reported hurt in the incident but the police are still investigating how the truck caught fire.